Morris Family Reunion


FEBRUARY 7, 2006
On Tuesday night, February 7, 2006, at Central High School (Central, LA) a world record may have been set!  On top of that, the man responsible for, perhaps, the greatest moment in LSU sports history received a key to the city!  It was all part of what was called "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT", Tuesday, February 7, during the Central HS - St. Amant HS boys varsity basketball game.
Five players on the Central and St. Amant rosters had the last name of Morris!  Central featured Darian Morris, Johdrick Morris and Zach Morris.  On St. Amant's team was Brandon Morris and Brian Morris.  Distinguishing between the Morrises, it was a long night for play-by-play announcer Jon Fine, announcing the game on The Score, 1210AM, ESPN Radio, Baton Rouge.  (This would have even been a difficult one for Mission Impossible's Greg Morris!).  But, it was a historically zany night for everyone else!
Has there ever been a basketball game, a sporting event, where 5 players have shared the same last name?  Does one have to go back to the early 70's to find the last time 5 young men shared a stage with the same last name? (That would be Jackson, singers, Gary, Indiana!)  That's why Tuesday night, February 7, 2006, might become a special night in the annals of sports history.  That's why this extravaganza has been dubbed "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT".
As part of "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT", anyone who had a first, last or middle name of Morris with a valid ID received free admission to the game.  (Cats named Morris did not qualify!)  Anyone named Morris who attended the game received a complimentary "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT" T-shirt, courtesy of AAS Company.  At 7pm, 25 Morrises were randomly selected from the crowd.  Each took a half-court show for a $100 gift certificate from Lafleur's Seafood & Steak Restaurant.
In recognition of this Morris tribute, Central Coach Wes Watts, his assistants Scott Osborne & George Miller, Central P.A. announcer Steve Johnson and other school officials were dressed in Morris regalia.  These items were donated by the likes of Lon Morris Junior College, Robert Morris University, Morris Museums (Augusta and New Jersey), and others. Extra Morris memorabilia was given out to the crowd.
To cap off the evening, legendary LSU Baseball player Warren Morris made an appearance at half-time of the game.  Morris received a key to the city of Central from Mayor Mac Watts.  This was the first key to the city of Central ever issued!  Morris was honored for his nine year professional baseball career -- ironically, Morris announced his retirement from professional baseball 3 weeks before "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT -- and, fitting perfectly into the "Morris Family Reunion Night's" theme-having the name of Morris!
Morris made an appearance at Central Drug Store in Central the afternoon of "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT".  He signed autographs for numerous people at that time.
One night in mid-January, Louisiana sports talk host & producer Jon Fine's brain was overloaded with too much ESPN (or 1 too many beverages?) and he came up with "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT".  "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT" was a Jon Fine Sports Production. (Several other businesses and individuals were asked and no one else wanted to take credit!!!...something about their reputations to maintain!!) 
THE RESULTS OF "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT"?  Lots of laughs, numerous Morrises attended. Two of them made a half-court, well, they were kids and half-time master of ceremonies Steve Johnson allowed them to take shots considerably closer than half-court!  They did each win a $100 gift certificate from Lafleur's Seafood & Steak Restaurant.  The crowd responded enthusiastically to Warren Morris receiving a key to the city of Central from Mayor Mac Watts.  And, much of the crowd went home happy.--Not only did they attend a historic sports spectacle, but the home team, Central HS won the game  64-59!
Will there be a "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT" II in 2007?  Probably not.  Although the 2 Morrises from St. Amant return, all 3 Morrises from Central were seniors and have graduated.  Unless Central and/or St. Amant should add 3 more Morrises to their roster(s), "MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT" in 2006 was a once-in-a lifetime event!
Everyone is now free to look for their old Jack Morris baseball cards and Mercury Morris football cards.
"MORRIS FAMILY REUNION NIGHT" sponsors included The AAS Company, Central HS, Jon Fine Sports Productions, Lafleur's Seafood & Steak Restaurant and the Sunday Leader/Central City News.