Scott Osborne

Head Basketball Coach at Central HS.  Please don’t hold that against him, although we do!.…Was a terrific color commentator on Central HS Football broadcasts when it was a Jon Fine Production…And everyone enjoyed times when Scott made appearances on our former weekly radio show, THE High School Sports Show.  This was not necessarily due to Scott’s on-air performance. It’s more that when Scott came to the show, he brought along his lovely wife Hollee.…From New Orleans…Bachelors and Masters from LSU (Doctorate coming up from Central?)…A Manager and Administrative Assistant for Dale Brown and John Brady at LSU between ’95-’00.…Previously taught and coached (basketball, baseball, football and other sports) at Central from 00-07…Served as Walker Head Basketball Coach in 07-08…Proud father of 2 girls, Allison (14 years old) and Baylee (13 years old)…Second one, Baylee, born in month of July, after egregiously fathering his first child, Allison, in the middle of basketball season…Only person on crew shorter than Jon.  Major reason he was hired…Very knowledgeable on a wide-array of sports.  If he was not a mature, responsible person, would make an ideal sports-talk host!  He has overcome these traits to write an outstanding column for our newsletter.

Scott Osborne writes a column, The Wizardry of Os, for Newsletter.