Josh Ward

At 18, was arguably more mature than Jon Fine was in 2005, when he first started to work with Jon…Has regressed since that time, and is now, at 35, closing in on dropping to Jon’s present maturation level… …Lifelong resident of Denham Springs until recent move to Baton Rouge….Single, no children he says he knows of…. a proud 2004 Denham Springs HS graduate. Yet, former Principal (and LHSAA Hall of Fame Football coach) Butch Wax, when asked by Jon in an on-air interview about Josh’s academic prowess, questioned whether Josh had actually graduated.  Butch was joking…We think…As a student was once thrown out of a football game, for an altercation with the Walker mascot….. While at DSHS, Josh and superstar Tasmin Mitchell combined for over 2,000 points for the Yellow Jackets Basketball team.  Josh had none of them.  He was the team manager……As an assistant basketball coach at DSHS, he was one of best dressed coaches in the history of the game.  Better dressed than Rick Pitino at the same stage of his career.  Metrosexual, before the term came in vogue…Broadcasting debut was for a Sulphur HS basketball game on SportsRadio-KEZM-1310-/Sulphur-Lake Charles…Former Host of Livingston Sports Weekly and The High School Sports Show…Was PBP man for Central football broadcasts from 2008 to 2014……… Has more dates in 1 month than Jon has had in his life…With dashing looks and a knack with the ladies, Josh is rumored to be related to everyone from Hugh Heffner to Wilt Chamberlain.  DNA test results are pending…Hired at Guaranty Broadcasting despite a strong recommendation from Jon Fine….presently employed at Guaranty where he is a jack of all trades and still a man about town.

Josh Ward is the play-by-play announcer for Denham Springs HS Football broadcasts on Family Radio, 91.9 FM, Baton Rouge, and on the Net, right here at