Welcome to JonFineProductions.com, the web-site of Jon Fine Productions. 

Jon Fine Productions proudly produces Denham Springs (LA) High School Football radio broadcasts.  Our EBay store, ArrestedDevelopmentMediaGuides, sells sports publications.  Jon also works with a weekly Central (LA) High School sports radio show, SportsCentral, and with SportsRadio-1310-KEZM-Lake Charles.  A weekly newsletter, JonFineProductions.com Newsletter,  is e-mailed to over 1,800 people.

Denham Springs HS Football radio broadcasts are in its 21st year as a Jon Fine (Sports) Production.  Broadcasts air at 6pm with Sport N Center Jackets Warmup.  They can be heard on Fox Sports Radio-1210AM-Baton Rouge and on the internet, right here, at JonFineProductions.com (see LISTEN LIVE on Denham Springs HS Football Broadcasts page.).  Jon handles play by play, with Andy Duckworth on color commentary.

ArrestedDevelopmentMedia guides began peddling sports propaganda in February 2015.  We sell mostly media guides, sprinkled in with some programs.  Down the line, we’ll expand our product line.  Although we sell publications from numerous sports from teams throughout the country, there is a strong emphasis on LSU and the Saints.  Every Sunday night at 8pm—9pm (central), our 1 hour auctions come to a conclusion.

Jon works as a marketing representative for SportsRadio-1310-KEZM-Lake Charles, in establishing the “Dollar A Holler” Marketing Program and helping sell Barbe HS Baseball and South Lake Charles Playoff Broadcasts.

Jon works as a marketing representative/consultant for SportsCentral, which airs Thursdays, 5pm—6pm, on Radio Amour, 91.9FM—Cemtral;.  It is co-hosted by Steve Johnson and Sid Edwards.

And, we write about a lot of this in our weekly e-mail newsletter:

JonFineProductions.com Newsletter.

There is another project/program/business or 2 that we hope to be involved with in the coming months.  We’ll keep you abreast, right here, at JonFineProductions.com.

If we can clarify anything you’ve read in this WELCOME message, please e-mail Jon—stay on this site and go to ABOUT, then scroll down to Contact Information, then hit Jon Fine (on this site, not off of it!).  Or, you can write Jon (see aforementioned page).