GO JACKETS!!!...The 2021 Denham Springs HS Football season has come to a conclusion.  The Jackets fell to Ouachita HS last Friday night, but made a good accounting of itself.  Brett Beard’s second season as coach of the Jackets was highlighted by a convincing win over Live Oak, a thrilling come from behind overtime win at Walker, trouncing a Central team on the road in the first round of he playoffs—avenging a regular season setback and probably outplaying Ouachita in the second round, only to be undone by 3 costly second half turnovers.  With a vast majority of starters and other contributors returning, the future looks bright for coach Beard and Denham Springs HS Football!
A very special thank you to numerous people/entities who allowed us to air Denham Springs HS Football games on the radio and Internet, for our 26th season in 2021:
--Our sponsors are incredible.  On a year-in, year-out basis, the businesses of Denham Springs step up, big-time, to the plate, and back what we are doing.  The last 2 years were big tests, as the pandemic took its toll on area businesses.  Yet, our sponsor retention rate from 2019 through this season was staggering.  THANK YOU.  YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!
--The Denham Springs administration (including principal Wes Howard) and athletic director/head football coach Brett Beard were great to work with.  This continues a tradition of excellence that we’ve experienced in working with Denham Springs HS in broadcasting these games.  Every administrator/head football coach at Denham Springs has supported our efforts.  Coach Beard epitomized this commitment to us.  THANK YOU COACH.
--Throughout the years, our biggest hurdle has often been dealing with radio station owners, their administrators and board operators.  My cortisol level has been elevated, I truly believe, as a result.  Yet, diametrically opposed to this generalization are Family Radio owner Duilio Canossa and broadcast engineer Lemin Figueroa.  These are nice, competent people who truly care about our broadcasts.  The greater Baton Rouge area radio stations could use a lot more like them.  THANK YOU GENTLEMEN.  I honestly feel my cortisol level has been reduced over the years working with you 2!
--Our broadcasters did a terrific job on the air and were nice people.  First year color commentator Mitch Covington had an auspicious debut.  Mario Jerez, filling in for Josh Ward who was on a sabbatical, might be the most polite person in the history of broadcasting!  Special kudos to Josh Ward, who helped out tremendously behind the scenes.  THANKS GUYS.
--A lot of other people assisted us to whom we are greatful—Robert Graves, the Livingston Parish News and our interview guests, plus many others who lent a helping hand.  THANK YOU!
GOBBLE GOBBLE……For those of you who expressed concerns about my having enough to eat on Thanksgiving, let me allay your fears!  Jon had plenty to eat yesterday and should fare well, gastronomically, the rest of the weekend!....  Here’s hoping that you are experiencing a joyous holiday weekend.
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TODAY’S COLUMN: ….Scott predicts who will be LSU Football's new coach…Please scroll down below.
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By Scott Osborne

        The general consensus is that Scott Woodward will have named a new head coach a week from now.  Since I did such a great job in the summer predicting who would be named the baseball coach (I ruled Jay Johnson out for not having ties to Louisiana as you may recall), why not take another swing?  As they say, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
        After Woodward and Orgeron had their press conference, we knew what was going to happen.  By the end, pretty much every coach in America with any measure of success was going to be mentioned as a candidate for the job.  Some coaches were going to get a raise just by being mentioned for the LSU job.  Many candidates were going to be rated as if they were stock and their hireability was based on whether they won their game that week.
        There are some other truths that typically come with a coaching change, and many of these truths are why many coaching changes do not work out in the end.
        One truth is that there is a reason for making the change and therefore the sentiment is that you have to find the opposite of what you just had.  Miles was too conservative on offense, stuck in his ways, and aloof in press conferences.  So Orgeron had to eliminate the fullback, and wisely, was more direct in his press conference answers.  Naturally, that means people are calling for the opposite of Orgeron.  I guess that means someone who specializes in offense or defense and is more reserved in public.
        Of course, getting the opposite of someone would mean that nothing was working before, and that the decision maker is allowing the previous coach to determine the future coach.  The qualities of a great coach should have nothing to do with the previous coach.  Instead, the candidate should be highly qualified and a good fit for that school.
        What should Scott Woodward be looking for in the next LSU coach?  What qualities predict future success at a place like LSU? 
        Is it too obvious to say this person must be a great recruiter?  To be the best in the SEC, you must have the best players and both Miles and Orgeron were able to recruit.  So there must be more to it than that.  Managing the transfer portal, retaining players, and the NFL draft are components that football coaches have to balance that baseball coaches have handled for years.
        Successful coaches at the highest level have to maintain a great coaching staff.  It is pretty clear Coach O had a tough time choosing the right coaching staff.  Turnover in a coaching staff is something we all hope only happens due to immense success and better opportunities.   
The pressure and politics that come with being the head coach at LSU are why with all the advantages that make LSU appealing, it takes a special person to sustain success at a place like LSU.  The right fit.
Who can handle all of these issues and more over time?  Well, they say that past performance is the best indicator of future success.  That means the best candidates are Dabo Swinney, Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, Ryan Day, Brian Kelly, Lincoln Riley, and Jimbo Fisher.  I do not know if Mario Cristobal belongs in this group yet, but I think he would be a great hire.  The first four names and Cristobal are not happening.  The last two are a long shot. 
We have all heard how Woodward has made a play for Fisher and Riley.  But A&M has just as many resources as LSU and it does not make sense for Jimbo to leave as he has the Aggies on the verge of being right behind Bama in the West.
Meanwhile, it does make sense for Riley to consider leaving Oklahoma.  He has a better chance of winning big in the SEC at LSU than he does at Oklahoma.  But, the timing will not work if Oklahoma continues to have a chance for the College Football Playoff.  If Oklahoma loses, I give Lincoln Riley a 50/50 chance of being LSU's next head coach. 
The other candidates lack something in their resume.  Either they have had sustained success at a level below the top tier schools or they have had a very short success.  The reality is that is how it goes with coaching hires.  The top coaches in college football were not in that top class when they were hired. 
A coach that has been getting no attention and I think Woodward should hire is Sam Pittman.  He has been absolutely brilliant at Arkansas.  For whatever reason, nobody has even mentioned him on any list, so I guess he does not have a chance.
So who will it be?  A week ago I would have said Billy Napier.  But, I think LSU is going to wait too long and Florida will make a huge move to get him.  Instead, I am going to predict Bill O´Brien.  I think he has the pedigree and connections that Scott Woodward is looking for in the next coach.  He has experience at the highest level having been the coach at Penn State.  The fact that he was bad as a GM for the Texans just gives him something in common with Saban who was a bad GM with the Dolphins.  And when I am wrong next week, that is OK.  I will just be happy when we get to move on the the next phase and start some positive momentum again.