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By Scott Osborne
Assistant Basketball Coach and Head Swimming Coach at Central High

        Match-ups.  That is the answer to the question LSU fans and media have been trying to figure out all week.  The question, ‘How can LSU beat Florida in The Swamp, but lose to Troy at home/”  Match-ups...and turnovers.
        Clearly LSU is not a dominate team this year.  Therefore, the Tigers are susceptible to bad match-ups (and turnovers).  Unfortunately, spread teams are bad match-ups for LSU right now.  The lack of depth on the defensive line, the inexperienced linebackers, and poor tackling defensive backs are what spread teams like Troy, Syracuse, and Mississippi State feast upon.
        Many observers think the Tiger defense looks like they aren’t tough when playing spread teams.  Defenses will always look like that when they they thinking and doubting their movements.  To those young linebackers and defensive backs, they were burned by Syracuse and Miss. State every time they were aggressive.  So they overcompensate, play less aggressively, and that doesn’t work either.
        Against Florida, LSU saw a more traditional offense and the defense looked more like itself.  There are still issues.  Arden Key is not himself.  The depth and playmaking from the defensive line is very reliant on Rashard Lawrence.  Hopefully, Frank Herron’s presence this week will help.  There is no reason to think the Tigers won’t continue to improve on defense as the season continues.
        After a rough week, the coaches can feel good, but they can’t peacock and tell everyone the great job they did.  So I will do it for them.
        I would love for someone to do some research on how many teams have won SEC road games with THREE TRUE freshmen on the offensive line.  Absolutely incredible!
        Tiger fans have been waiting to see offensive players get the ball in space.  Guice was finally targeted out the backfield.  Etling is not very quick, but athletic enough to take advantage of an overly aggressive defense with a well timed draw of option play.
        A theme this week has been Orgeron meddling with the offense the week of the Troy game, and the jet sweep being effective against Florida.  I think that is extremely overhyped.  First of all, I appreciate Coach O taking the heat to support his coordinator.  Second, LSU has had trouble all year with blown blocking assignments.  You should recall that Orgeron said Canada came to him after the Miss. State loss and said they need to cutback because there were too many missed assignments.  Third, we all know Nick Saban and Bill Bellichik have a part in game planning on offense each week.  The head coach should since he is ultimately going to be held accountable.  Most important is how well the head coach and offensive coordinator work together, communicate, and support each other.
Many people will point to the missed extra point as the reason LSU won.  Let me point out that LSU would have won last year if Guice didn’t go the wrong way, so I could not care less about the missed extra point.  On top of that, if Etling is able to connect with Williams on a beautifully setup and wonderfully designed pass in the first half, the game is not as close.
Quick side note.  Remember last week when I was pointing to the importance of quarterback play?  Do you think Michigan fans would agree with me right now?
        I had a very good feeling LSU would pay well last week.  They owed Florida and the matchup was favorable, not to mention Florida is not very good.  Auburn on the other hand is the best team LSU has played this year and they are a spread team that feasts on defenses that don’t play their responsibility or tackle well.  So I am concerned.
        Nevertheless, youth can be an advantage if LSU can ride the momentum from this win leading to a great week of practice.  If Guice could actually get healthy, it would be a great thing because you saw how he turned 3 yard runs into 8 yard runs on his own against Florida.
        I know I said I would look forward to the second quarter of the Saints season this week, but LSU took up most of my time.  So I will make three quick points.
        First and most unfortunately, the schedule appears to be considerably tougher than I thought.  The Rams and Bills are much better than I thought.  Then the Panthers beat the Patriots in New England of all places.  Yuck!
        Second, this could be the type of team that gets better as the year goes along.  But, there are a few positions where a few more season ending injuries would be devastating.
        Third, the Saints need to go 3-1 in the next four games, and I think it is possible if they can keep winning the turnover battle.  That being said, I fully expect the Saints to go 2-2.
I like the way they responded the last two weeks, but I still have two concerns.  The offensive line isn’t where it needs to be for the Saints to run the ball well enough to set up play action yet.  Also, the defense has yet to show their stuff against a quality quarterback.  This week will be their chance to show if they are actually for real.

        Against my better judgment I’ll throw my two cents in the debate on the Adrian Peterson fiasco. But before I do, let me take a step back and get the whole picture first. O.K., I think I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Before the Saints opened training camp they knew they needed more depth at running back. Unsure of who they could sign in free agency the Peterson signing looked like a great alternative to looking for help in the draft. Or they felt their chances weren’t very good with the money they had to spend. So they gambled on an ageing future hall of famer and lost. Is there anything to add? Not unless you’re a taxpayer in this state that subsidizes millionaires.
         But as a part owner in this team I’m very disturbed that I wasn’t even given a chance to say “NO” before the Saints gave away my very small investment. But these are the types of things that continue to haunt this pitiful excuse of a professional football franchise. But I guess when they aren’t spending their own money would you expect Tom and his boys to think twice before filling up another athlete’s bank account?
        If you answered “yes” then you don’t need to read any further. I can’t for an instant pretend I know what goes on in the minds of these self-ordained gods of finance. First off when an industry such as the National Football League skips by the tax collector year after year why should they care what they do with the BILLIONS of dollars forced upon them by the TV networks. I remember as a kid playing a game called MONOPOLY and never blinking an eye when it came to buying properties, railroads or putting houses and hotels on my properties. But the NFL is a for real MONOPOLY, an EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR MONOPLOY!
        I mean it was just a game to us; the money was thrown around like the cheap beads at a Mardi Gras parade. We had no responsibility to anyone and no real consequences to talk about. So just like we did back then these modern day owners of the 32 NFL franchises haven’t anything to worry about. I mean look at the product, it was at one time something that people enjoyed watching and taking the family out to games on Sunday afternoons to enjoy.
        Today’s owners, until this year, had a product that cities and states would kill for. Many states are willing to build billion dollar stadiums and give away every dollar they’ve got left in their ever shrinking “kitties”. Dollars once meant to build schools, streets, hospitals and the like are now sitting in someone’s Swiss bank account and we are the poorer because of some politician’s greed and corruption.
        So my few words about the Peterson deal are this “I DON’T CARE”. I was asked to include my opinion and I believe I’ve accomplished my goal. What I do care about is the fact we as a society are giving away our livelihoods to prop up a few certain individuals’ so we’ll be able to cheer on spoiled rich kids, players and owners.
         But I will say this about today’s NFL and its players; THEY ARE SCUM! The owners are P-WHIPPED as they bow down to hypocrites. These players say they are protesting the racial inequality and oppression of those people of color. Well, because I’m white the players don’t include me. But I’m all about putting blame where it belongs and it belongs squarely in between the eyes of these BLACK PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS!
        These players seem to forget they are role models. They believe that because they put on a two day pee-wee football camp and hand out T-Shirts that they are doing something to reverse the racial inequality Mr. Kaepersh*t continues to spew. But before I do let me bring attention to one former LSU running back named Leonard Fournette. Before he played his first professional football game he signed a $25 million dollar endorsement contract. I don’t blame him in fact I’m glad he got the money. But it shows what’s going on in today’s real world. He and many other black professional athletes are being paid millions to influence the buying of young and old fans of their respected sport.
I’ll list a couple things that many don’t pay attention to and that is where these player’s replica jerseys, shoes, shirts, etc. are made. I just saw on Facebook a company hawking NFL CAPS. I’m including the entire description so you won’t ask what or where or when about these hats. You can purchase an IMPORTED “NEW ERA 2017 SIDELINE OFFICIAL 59FIFTY FITTED DALLAS COWBOY HAT FOR $39.99”. All the other 31 teams are also included and also are made in places like China, Vietnam and so on. But you’ve got to look all the way at the bottom of the ad to see the word IMPORTED which doesn’t mean they are made in Mississippi. Jerseys also IMPORTED. Shoes also IMPORTED. Sunglasses also IMPORTED. Armbands also IMPORTED. Cleats also IMPORTED. T-Shirts also IMPORTED. Am I onto something?
        If we want to find another way out of ‘da hood for many of these kids then we need to employ them by setting up companies in America where these kids can find an honest way of making a dollar. But it comes at a cost. I keep hearing these athletes on TV saying “If I can save one life, etc., etc”. Well, I’m calling your bluffs, if you really want to save lives then get off your royal buttocks and get these kids off the street and into a factory making your memorabilia.
        Till next week….
Hi, my name is Brian Ross, owner of OK Computers in Denham Springs for the past 12 years.  I continue my campaign for Denham Springs City Council to give back to the people of this great city.  My wife Maria, a Spanish teacher, and I have four children and nine grandchildren who attend school here in the parish.
Having never been appointed nor held    any positions in the local government, I'm unattached to any special interest groups, do not owe any political favors, or operate in pursuit of any hidden agendas. I will align my decisions on Christian principals and integrity.
When elected, I will work tirelessly to make sure that the people’s voice is heard in order to help make sure that the will of the citizens of Denham Springs is recognized.  I will work to get more people engaged in the governmental process. We will continue to strengthen the bridge between the people and the city government.
Denham Springs has been an economic leader within Livingston Parish. We should strive to become an economic leader in the region. As a business owner in Denham Springs, I am very familiar with some of the roadblocks that local government can place in the way of economic development.
 I will work to keep local businesses involved in the community, eliminate red tape and roadblocks. Work on tax relief and incentives to encourage business to return to the city, encourage new businesses as well, large and small.
Job one for city government is safety.  This includes not only first responders but the need for safe roads, clean water, sewer services and drainage.  I will seek additional sources of funding for first responders and other city services.
The deterioration and collapsing to the city drainage and streets from flooding has put drivers and pedestrians at higher risks.  I will work tirelessly with the council to get the current system repaired and make assessments of what needs to be done to improve it.  Some premature road improvements and expanding streets may strain the current drainage system.
I promise to the people to hold this office in the highest of regard for integrity, honesty, and compassion.  I will be determined to reach compromises that serve the public good. I ask for your confidence in me being part of a winning team that will continue to move the city forward and to greater heights.
I will be honored to serve, not as a politician, but as a public servant, contributing my diversified experience and knowledge in a multitude of industries.
Studied at the University of Massachusetts, business management, and computer sciences, as well as continuing education classes at BRCC.  LA mortgage origination licensing.   Previous computer department sales and services manager at Campo Electronics Giant TC, Retail sales consultant for Ray Brandt Nissan, General manager for automobile business, property manager for real estate firm, owner and financial officer for large land development corporation.  Mortgage and lending officer for Bourgeois & Associates Mortgage prior to opening OK Computers, my computer repair and IT services business in Denham Springs for the past 12 years.
The Most Important issue I would like to address when elected to the City Council.
Growth and Revenue-Hand in Hand
I have no doubt that all of the issues the City Council is currently working on are all of their own importance, related to city revenues and the city's economic stability and growth. Needless to say drainage issues as well.  One may say the city is in a "catch 22" situation, or should I say a quagmire?  There is a need for revenues for sustainable economic growth, at the same time there is a need for sustainable economic growth for revenues.
 One of the greatest responsibilities of city officials is facilitating the physical growth of the city through local planning.  Planning covers how land may be used, and if infrastructure and services needed for those uses can be provided.  City government is responsible for the funding for developing and maintaining infrastructure, services, and streets, amongst other things.  The availability of commercial properties, police and fire protection and city services are the main factors for retailers to locate here.   All of this comes at a cost.
 Historically sales taxes, property taxes, and other misc. taxes contribute an average of 80% of the city's total budget. The majority of it from sales taxes.  As your council member, I will concentrate on the efficiency of current expenditures and seek additional revenues through Operating Grants and Capital grants.  Any increase in taxes, fees, and charges for services is not the answer.  Citizens are struggling now to make ends meet and are rebuilding their homes and businesses after the flood.  As your council member, I will encourage community involvement, stressing the importance of spending their money within the city limits.  This will be one of the best ways residents can help contribute to the recovery and increase of revenues.
I would like to stress the importance that sustainable economic growth and development does not create economic problems for future generations, and will preserve their quality of life.  That being said, there are properties in the city that already have the infrastructure and services available for economic growth and development where new revenues could be established.  Some of these properties, amongst others, of needed revitalizing and economic growth are areas of  Florida Blvd.  As your council member, I will explore incentives, work cooperatively with city officials, landowners, property owners and investors to encourage development there.  It will take a cooperative effort with the involvement of the community to accomplish this, bring revenues back into the city and raise Denham Springs to greater heights.
 Brian Ross, candidate for the City Council of Denham Springs. #22 on your ballot.
Conservative Republican, Christian, husband, father, grandfather, and local business owner of OK Computers. I will be honored to serve, not as a politician, but as a public servant.
God bless you and your families, God bless Denham Springs.
On October 14th.  I humbly ask for your vote.
Vote   #22      Brian Edward Ross for Denham Springs City Council.